Primavera Pro: Possible solutions to scalping and the web search engines that facilitate it

Language: English

Ticket scalping has been a persistent problem in the entertainment industry for years, and now is the time to act.

The Make Tickets Fair! campaign will educate and empower fans about safe ticket purchasing, with promoters, agents, managers, venues, ticketing companies and artists all working together to help fans access official tickets for events without falling victim to scalpers.

While measures have been taken to combat unauthorised resale platforms and their predatory pricing, internet search engines are directing buyers to these websites through advertisements. It is time to put the spotlight on web search engines, which need to decide whether they want to be on the side of the good guys or to be the abettors in this fight against unfair resale. In 2019, when Google briefly banned Viagogo from advertising, visits to this resale platform dropped by two thirds, proving that the right measures can have a significant impact.

This conversation on ticket resale and the Make Tickets Fair! campaign will feature experts such as Summer Marshall from the CAA agency, ticket resale expert Nicole Jacobsen, Sam Shemtob from FEAT, Sophie Doherty from the DICE platform and Scumeck Sabottka from the MCT-Agentur agency and FEAT.

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